Thursday, September 12, 2013

nyfw = exhaustion

wow. fashion week is over.
yes. yay.
while fashion week was extremely fun, it was also a ton of work, and wednesday, when i got back to the office after the rachel zoe show i was ready to go to sleep, but instead i got to work another four hours. the rachel show was a bit hectic. just really hot and a lack of communication on a few factors.
some photos of the wes gordon and rachel zoe show.

christina hendricks. right side
but still exciting none the less.

i am so ready for the weekend. actually, im ready to get a bottle of wine and put my feet up.


the front row - katie cassidy, coco rocha, jessica hart, olivia palermo
and yes, she is as rude in real life as she was on the hills

so mayebelline and essie were the make up people behind all our shows. representatives have been in the office for a few weeks putting together nail polish and make up kits for the shows and its been so hard not to just run back there, shove it all in a bag and take off. well today, i found out they literally just threw out all the make up they had left over. so after work, my friend stefanie and i went dumpster diving. and we have no shame. because as we put it, we got more money out of the dive than the internship. they literally threw out over a thousand dollars worth of make up. and i made off with a good size loot. 

im seriously become a celebrity magnet in the city. on our walk to the subway, stefanie and i saw a red carpet and a crowd, but it was a small theatre, so i didn't think anything of it. she told me to get my phone ready just in case, and sure enough it was the nyc premiere of don jon and BOOM there was joseph gordon levitt. we made eye contact a few times, and im expecting a call tomorrow. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

city vs. small town

one thing i have been aware of whilst living in nyc, as well as when i lived in london, is just how different the lives of kids are growing up.

when i was in london, i went out to tea for my friends birthday at fortnum and mason. when we were there, i saw a family - a mom, dad, and two sons, both in private school uniforms while the parents were dressed oh so properly, and i thought, this is normal life for them. pick the boys up from school and go to a late afternoon tea. when i was done with school, it was either soccer practice or just go home to do homework, all while driving myself around.

today during my morning run through central park, i saw a mom and dad walking their two daughters and son, all in private school uniforms, to school, and i thought what a routine. for me, it was be driven by my mom or drive myself to public school.

all the schools here are obviously in one big building, which i cannot even fathom. i always wanted to attend a school indoors, as thats what i grew up watching in the movies or on tv. but i loved going to an outdoor school. having that fresh air between classes was always pleasant. and it didn't hurt going to school five minutes from the beach either. also, kids who go to schools in the city don't usually have a field to play on. its cement courts and tracks.

good ol aghs

just an interesting thing to consider. how all over the world kids are being brought up differently and how it molds them.

even if i stay in new york for years to come, i don't think i could ever raise a family in the city. growing up in a small town, i got to experience so much that i wouldn't want my kids to miss out on.
i really do love living in this city. though there are days i miss my car, the beach, sitting out in my backyard drinking wine and hearing NO noise but nature...but its a give-and-take world.

the city really is starting to grow on me. i am definitely getting a great groove here. not going to lie, august...was miserable. i moved to a HUGE new city, all alone, moved five different times, dealt with a foot injury, lived out of a suitcase, and just was not as happy as i thought i would be. now im in an amazing apartment, i have all my belongings, im getting close with the interns at work, and things are just going for me. now if only i could get a job...

one thing i will say still, though its a huge help, the subway PISSES. ME. OFF.

that is all

Sunday, September 8, 2013

fashion week pt. 1

well, sadly, fashion week is almost half way over! at least this event happens 2x a year...but that is still too long to wait.

so friday night i had the pleasure of working the billy reid show. it was not at lincoln center, but this old, no longer running hotel in chelsea. the runway was in the rooftop garden and it was beautiful.

i was helping out with backstage and vip check in. things for the most part went smoothly. i was able to ride the elevator with matt bomer and will forte. matt was gorgeous and flawless, but shorter than i expected.

once everyone was checked in, i got to go upstairs and watch the show. while the clothes were not to my personal taste for mens fashion, i felt the clothes/atmosphere/music/entire aesthetic was PERFECT. the music was actually a live orchestra and it was phenomenal.

saturday i was stoked to be working the monique lhuillier show. i spent the first part of the day still getting things for my room. i know some of you have been bugging for pictures, but they will come when its finished. you cant rush art! ;)

after that, i went to lincoln center early to meet up with my friend paul and some of his friends to people watch. i met paul when we studied together in london and admiring the fashion outside of lincoln center was such a treat for both of us.

this guy stole the show

had to show up in work outfit :/
not the most stylish
 when six rolled around, i entered through the backstage of the white tents and met up with the other interns and our bosses. it was a confusing ordeal, because monique is not our client, but we still went to help out. however, no one gave the interns instructions at first and we were all literally just standing backstage for thirty minutes. finally we were taken to the actual tent and were told to just stand there again and help guests find their seats if necessary. i stood there for about twenty minutes, watching the models practice, the light crew get everything right and the music guys testing volume.

finally it was time to let the guests in. bam. first two people i saw were the jays! mr. jay and ms. jay
yes. there were as fabulous as you would think
also spotted - emmy rossum and stacy keibler

once people were seated, i went behind them and just watched the show! it was BEAUTIFUL. it was such a pinch me moment, when the lights came on and the music started, i was like, holy crap. i am watching a show at new york fashion week! such an amazing moment.

afterwards, we hung out in the lounge of the center that only ticketed guests could be in. 
it felt pretty cool.

when it was all over i got some dinner and wine with my fellow intern and just soaked in the whole experience that we were living in new york and going to fashion week.


sunday morning i awoke early to do a 5k. my roommate's mom and sister are visiting and we all went to do the susan komen walk for a cure 5k in central park. the weather lately has been BEAUTIFUL! warm but NOT humid thank goodness.

decorated in so much swag
 we got a delicious brunch after and realized we were sitting next to robin roberts. i officially have had my first celebrity in their natural environment spotting ha. probably more to come as well.

that is all for now. stay tuned to catch part 2 - wes gordon and rachel zoe!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

hey guys

hey guys. guess what? guess what week it is?
no, not my birthday week.

its fashion week!
at lincoln center!

i never expected to be working fashion week, but here i am, working FOUR shows! 

friday night - billy reid
saturday night - monique lhuillier
next week - rachel zoe and wes gordon

here i will be helping out backstage, or helping with check in, or escorting people to their seats. i am super excited for this opportunity.

today at work one of our brands was hosting a casting for bathing suit models. so i showed up to work with about four 6'+, stick thin girls walking around the office in their bathing suits. quite the morning surprise.

there is already an increased amount of energy in the office and i love it. i thrive off that. i am personally not SUPER busy because the two AEs that i work for do not have clients showing at fashion week, so its not as crazy for me as the other interns, but i still manage to stay pretty busy.

so im off to get my beauty rest because i have some long days ahead of me. enjoy your weekends!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


finally, after five weeks of shuffling from hotel to hotel to sublease, i. am. home!

this morning i moved into my new place, got my bed, got a dresser, and ventured into bed bath and beyond. unfortunately most of my belongings are still on their way to me, but i am just so happy to be settled. i LOVE my new place. its HUGE for nyc standards, clean, in an amazing neighborhood on the upper west side and its with an amazing roomie, so i am feeling very blessed. there are also about five fro-yo places in a 2 block radius, so im definitely happy on that front.

perfect for a hot and humid day

amazing things near/in my neighborhood:

  • near two subways that lead right to work
  • movie theatre
  • two gyms
  • aldo
  • barnes and nobles
  • starbucks
  • michaels
  • sephora
  • whole foods
  • short bus rides to BBB and trader joes
i am so happy. now im just waiting for my wall decor and i need a few more pieces of furniture. but i am starting to feel more like a new yorker every day. how long must one live in the city to safely call themselves a new yorker? or is there a checklist of things one must do? like steal someone elses cab?
so far, to feel more like a new yorker, i have:
  • hailed multiple cabs
  • taken the bus
  • moved furniture by hand numerous blocks and avenues to avoid taking a taxi or paying for movers
  • i work here....
  • i have an apartment...
  • given CORRECT directions
size 13 shoe. size of my forearm

 clearly we listen at work

    now for some signage sunday!

i want to live in the mimosa apartments


so i will post pictures of my apartment once its finished. this week starts crazy prep work for fashion week and then fashion week starts thursday! i will probably be helping at 2-3 shows and 2-3 after parties. let the madness begin!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

life according to my iphone

oh new york. i cannot wait to have this relationship with you.

not much to post about. work is work. just getting ready for fashion week and applying for jobs.

here are some photos of my life so far

AC units for dayss

an awesome street market RIGHT outside my apartment

gormet rice krispie treats?

ah yes, to smell like play-doh

Sunday, August 25, 2013

us open kickoff

what a better way to end a long week than lunch with a good friend and an open bar.

friday for lunch, my friend cici and i went to lunch at vapianos in union square. cici is a fellow intern but we are actually friends from london as we studied abroad in the same program together. small world. vapianos was a favorite of our group to go to in london.

so delicious.

that night, i met my future roommate, alex, at a bar called public house for an hour of open bar. yes, an hour of open bar. one of her friends won it and 50 of their friends could go. i thought it would be a great way to actually meet some people in this city.

twas great to get out and socialize and explore the lower east village.


saturday was spent reading in bryant park and just relaxing. i ventured to the trader joes, which was so nice because it felt like home and was actually so cheap for new york standards.

that night i was working my first event for pr. i was running check in for a tennis cocktail event at a swanky hotel on 5th avenue. about five tennis stars showed up including :

sloane stephens

john isner
who by the way, is 6'10"

li na

victoria azarenka
feliciano lopez =))))

it was pretty cool to see all these athletes. all tall, fit and gorgeous. the cocktail party was so classy and swanky. it was a great experience to work the event. when i first imagined my life in nyc, i pictured myself going to these classy industry parties...except i was a guest, not working it ;) but i still enjoyed it. i was so official upfront with my ipad and guest list.

*fun fact: i actually had no idea who any of these players were. so when sloane stephens and her mom (who were technically hosting the party) came to the door, i said, 'good evening! are you here for the event? can i have your last name please?' wow. MAJOR FAIL. thankfully there was such a commotion over her arrival, i don't really think they heard me...hopefully. shake it off.

two articles that i love that i thought i would share :
 from thought catalog -  5 Reasons You Should Stop Judging Yourself
 from a website i found - The 30 Most Satisfying Simple Pleasures in Life