Monday, September 9, 2013

city vs. small town

one thing i have been aware of whilst living in nyc, as well as when i lived in london, is just how different the lives of kids are growing up.

when i was in london, i went out to tea for my friends birthday at fortnum and mason. when we were there, i saw a family - a mom, dad, and two sons, both in private school uniforms while the parents were dressed oh so properly, and i thought, this is normal life for them. pick the boys up from school and go to a late afternoon tea. when i was done with school, it was either soccer practice or just go home to do homework, all while driving myself around.

today during my morning run through central park, i saw a mom and dad walking their two daughters and son, all in private school uniforms, to school, and i thought what a routine. for me, it was be driven by my mom or drive myself to public school.

all the schools here are obviously in one big building, which i cannot even fathom. i always wanted to attend a school indoors, as thats what i grew up watching in the movies or on tv. but i loved going to an outdoor school. having that fresh air between classes was always pleasant. and it didn't hurt going to school five minutes from the beach either. also, kids who go to schools in the city don't usually have a field to play on. its cement courts and tracks.

good ol aghs

just an interesting thing to consider. how all over the world kids are being brought up differently and how it molds them.

even if i stay in new york for years to come, i don't think i could ever raise a family in the city. growing up in a small town, i got to experience so much that i wouldn't want my kids to miss out on.
i really do love living in this city. though there are days i miss my car, the beach, sitting out in my backyard drinking wine and hearing NO noise but nature...but its a give-and-take world.

the city really is starting to grow on me. i am definitely getting a great groove here. not going to lie, august...was miserable. i moved to a HUGE new city, all alone, moved five different times, dealt with a foot injury, lived out of a suitcase, and just was not as happy as i thought i would be. now im in an amazing apartment, i have all my belongings, im getting close with the interns at work, and things are just going for me. now if only i could get a job...

one thing i will say still, though its a huge help, the subway PISSES. ME. OFF.

that is all

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