Sunday, September 1, 2013


finally, after five weeks of shuffling from hotel to hotel to sublease, i. am. home!

this morning i moved into my new place, got my bed, got a dresser, and ventured into bed bath and beyond. unfortunately most of my belongings are still on their way to me, but i am just so happy to be settled. i LOVE my new place. its HUGE for nyc standards, clean, in an amazing neighborhood on the upper west side and its with an amazing roomie, so i am feeling very blessed. there are also about five fro-yo places in a 2 block radius, so im definitely happy on that front.

perfect for a hot and humid day

amazing things near/in my neighborhood:

  • near two subways that lead right to work
  • movie theatre
  • two gyms
  • aldo
  • barnes and nobles
  • starbucks
  • michaels
  • sephora
  • whole foods
  • short bus rides to BBB and trader joes
i am so happy. now im just waiting for my wall decor and i need a few more pieces of furniture. but i am starting to feel more like a new yorker every day. how long must one live in the city to safely call themselves a new yorker? or is there a checklist of things one must do? like steal someone elses cab?
so far, to feel more like a new yorker, i have:
  • hailed multiple cabs
  • taken the bus
  • moved furniture by hand numerous blocks and avenues to avoid taking a taxi or paying for movers
  • i work here....
  • i have an apartment...
  • given CORRECT directions
size 13 shoe. size of my forearm

 clearly we listen at work

    now for some signage sunday!

i want to live in the mimosa apartments


so i will post pictures of my apartment once its finished. this week starts crazy prep work for fashion week and then fashion week starts thursday! i will probably be helping at 2-3 shows and 2-3 after parties. let the madness begin!

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  1. Sorry happy to hear you finally have a place to call home! :) And I love reading your blogs!
    Good luck during Fashion Week, Jess! Will be thinking of you! <3