Sunday, September 8, 2013

fashion week pt. 1

well, sadly, fashion week is almost half way over! at least this event happens 2x a year...but that is still too long to wait.

so friday night i had the pleasure of working the billy reid show. it was not at lincoln center, but this old, no longer running hotel in chelsea. the runway was in the rooftop garden and it was beautiful.

i was helping out with backstage and vip check in. things for the most part went smoothly. i was able to ride the elevator with matt bomer and will forte. matt was gorgeous and flawless, but shorter than i expected.

once everyone was checked in, i got to go upstairs and watch the show. while the clothes were not to my personal taste for mens fashion, i felt the clothes/atmosphere/music/entire aesthetic was PERFECT. the music was actually a live orchestra and it was phenomenal.

saturday i was stoked to be working the monique lhuillier show. i spent the first part of the day still getting things for my room. i know some of you have been bugging for pictures, but they will come when its finished. you cant rush art! ;)

after that, i went to lincoln center early to meet up with my friend paul and some of his friends to people watch. i met paul when we studied together in london and admiring the fashion outside of lincoln center was such a treat for both of us.

this guy stole the show

had to show up in work outfit :/
not the most stylish
 when six rolled around, i entered through the backstage of the white tents and met up with the other interns and our bosses. it was a confusing ordeal, because monique is not our client, but we still went to help out. however, no one gave the interns instructions at first and we were all literally just standing backstage for thirty minutes. finally we were taken to the actual tent and were told to just stand there again and help guests find their seats if necessary. i stood there for about twenty minutes, watching the models practice, the light crew get everything right and the music guys testing volume.

finally it was time to let the guests in. bam. first two people i saw were the jays! mr. jay and ms. jay
yes. there were as fabulous as you would think
also spotted - emmy rossum and stacy keibler

once people were seated, i went behind them and just watched the show! it was BEAUTIFUL. it was such a pinch me moment, when the lights came on and the music started, i was like, holy crap. i am watching a show at new york fashion week! such an amazing moment.

afterwards, we hung out in the lounge of the center that only ticketed guests could be in. 
it felt pretty cool.

when it was all over i got some dinner and wine with my fellow intern and just soaked in the whole experience that we were living in new york and going to fashion week.


sunday morning i awoke early to do a 5k. my roommate's mom and sister are visiting and we all went to do the susan komen walk for a cure 5k in central park. the weather lately has been BEAUTIFUL! warm but NOT humid thank goodness.

decorated in so much swag
 we got a delicious brunch after and realized we were sitting next to robin roberts. i officially have had my first celebrity in their natural environment spotting ha. probably more to come as well.

that is all for now. stay tuned to catch part 2 - wes gordon and rachel zoe!

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  1. What an amazing week for you, Jess! I'm so happy for you and am jealous that you spotted Robin Roberts!
    Looking forward to more blogs! <3 Shari