Thursday, September 12, 2013

nyfw = exhaustion

wow. fashion week is over.
yes. yay.
while fashion week was extremely fun, it was also a ton of work, and wednesday, when i got back to the office after the rachel zoe show i was ready to go to sleep, but instead i got to work another four hours. the rachel show was a bit hectic. just really hot and a lack of communication on a few factors.
some photos of the wes gordon and rachel zoe show.

christina hendricks. right side
but still exciting none the less.

i am so ready for the weekend. actually, im ready to get a bottle of wine and put my feet up.


the front row - katie cassidy, coco rocha, jessica hart, olivia palermo
and yes, she is as rude in real life as she was on the hills

so mayebelline and essie were the make up people behind all our shows. representatives have been in the office for a few weeks putting together nail polish and make up kits for the shows and its been so hard not to just run back there, shove it all in a bag and take off. well today, i found out they literally just threw out all the make up they had left over. so after work, my friend stefanie and i went dumpster diving. and we have no shame. because as we put it, we got more money out of the dive than the internship. they literally threw out over a thousand dollars worth of make up. and i made off with a good size loot. 

im seriously become a celebrity magnet in the city. on our walk to the subway, stefanie and i saw a red carpet and a crowd, but it was a small theatre, so i didn't think anything of it. she told me to get my phone ready just in case, and sure enough it was the nyc premiere of don jon and BOOM there was joseph gordon levitt. we made eye contact a few times, and im expecting a call tomorrow. 

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  1. Instead of throwing all that makeup out, don't you think they could donate to a shelter or something to give to women/teens to help them with image and self esteem building? what a waste! But guess not if you got to dumpster dive! :) Glad it's going to some good use. :) Enjoy your wine! <3