Thursday, September 5, 2013

hey guys

hey guys. guess what? guess what week it is?
no, not my birthday week.

its fashion week!
at lincoln center!

i never expected to be working fashion week, but here i am, working FOUR shows! 

friday night - billy reid
saturday night - monique lhuillier
next week - rachel zoe and wes gordon

here i will be helping out backstage, or helping with check in, or escorting people to their seats. i am super excited for this opportunity.

today at work one of our brands was hosting a casting for bathing suit models. so i showed up to work with about four 6'+, stick thin girls walking around the office in their bathing suits. quite the morning surprise.

there is already an increased amount of energy in the office and i love it. i thrive off that. i am personally not SUPER busy because the two AEs that i work for do not have clients showing at fashion week, so its not as crazy for me as the other interns, but i still manage to stay pretty busy.

so im off to get my beauty rest because i have some long days ahead of me. enjoy your weekends!


  1. So excited for you, Jess! Can't believe you'll be a Fashion Week in NYC! :) Good luck!

  2. That is SO cool! Have a blast with this, Jess! I've attended fashion week in SF, and that was fun just as a guest - let alone being someone in your shoes!