32 Before 32

  1. skydive
  2. complete a tough mudder
  3. complete a marathon
  4. ice skate in central Park
  5. travel to australia/new zealand
  6. go to a music festival
  7. be in the pit at a stadium concert
  8. travel to asia
  9. travel to south america
  10. go to disney world
  11. go to harry potter land
  12. learn to surf
  13. take a cake decorating class
  14. take a DJing class
  15. be completely happy with myself
  16. learn guitar
  17. meet a celebrity
  18. ride a motorcycle
  19. be published in a magazine
  20. adopt an animal
  21. visit one of the seven wonders of the world
  22. move to london
  23. get a big girl job in nyc
  24. learn to swing dance
  25. throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  26. cliff dive
  27. watch the ball drop in times square
  28. watch all seven harry potter movies in one day
  29. ride a zip line
  30. ride an elephant or camel
  31. dye my hair purple
  32. get married

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