Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cutting It Close

with 12 hours before i was officially homeless, i found a place to live...for august!
i quickly realized that i got to nyc a bit too late in the month to find a place by august 1, so then the panic set in that i needed to find a place for august to stay until sept. 1 leases started.

talk. about. stress.

not gonna lie, i have been so full of anxiety all week. but friday night, at 9pm, i found someone renting their room for one month. praise baby jesus. i have bought myself another month to feel slightly settled and find a good place for september.

oy to the vey

between all the panic attacks, i managed to go out and enjoy some parts of the city. i decided to go to the MET because they were having a special exhibit on punk fashion. if i couldn't go to this years met ball (punk theme), this was the next best thing.

it was fabulous. i really found myself drawn to so many of the clothes and was excited by the fact that i could actually get away with wearing things like this in the city.
another reason i love nyc.
view from met rooftop cafe
later in the evening, i found an area of new york that i have completely fallen for and immediately decided the moment i could buy a place, or at least up my monthly budget, this is where i will live - the west side by the hudson. its so beautiful with the views of lower manhattan and new jersey. there are running paths and piers and it almost is like i am living by the beach again...almost.

panoramic view from a pier on the hudson.

anyways, i am just so freaking grateful that i am not homeless. my internship starts monday i will have a place to stay!

update on the foot: 90% better. hallelujah

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