Thursday, August 8, 2013

the working life

Whew. I have just been absolutely exhausted this week. I am a workingwoman and I am not used to it!

The first few days at the internship have been fabulous and I already feel really comfortable here. Well, the first two days were kinda slow for one reason – each intern is paired with an AE, account executive, basically helping them out as well as doing daily tasks. Right now, the summer interns are still in the office so there is not much work for us a fall interns yet. I try to make myself as useful as possible, because I need this internship to lead to a job, but my first two days were spent cleaning the kitchen a lot and taking out trash. The third day really picked up though!

Basic tasks include –
-       clipping – reading magazines every morning (yes, I get to read magazines for work) to check to see if our clients are in the pages
-       cleaning – making sure the kitchen, bathroom and showroom are always clean. Not glamorous, but necessary
-       checking samples in and sending them out. All day we are getting garment bags from huge magazines, stylists and clients or sending out bags to them. This is exciting because I just get to handle amazing clothing.

One of my favorite things is when stylists or editors come in and pull a rack of clothing from the showroom for their shoot. Once the stylist leaves, we take all the clothes to the AE that represents that brand and they decide if we can send them or not.
What is crazy is how a stylist can come pull a full rack of clothing and accessories and maybe 4 things are approved for various reasons – the clothes are already promised to someone else, or the AE feels the brand shouldn’t be in such ads. It is really interesting.

Everyone at the company is SO nice. Wednesday morning one of the CEO’s came in early to spend a whole hour with the interns just answering our questions, which I thought was amazing and cool.

The new interns are given a few weeks to test out the different departments – fashion, accessories, beauty or lifestyle, and then we pick who we want to be paired with for the remainder of the internship. I really want to be in the accessories department…duh. However, Tuesday my supervisor asked if I could help out a Junior Account Executive and I agreed. Turns out, I am filling in for her half of Thursday, Friday and Monday for when she goes on vacation! So I am basically a Junior Account Executive!! This is totally crazy considering it’s my first week. So Wednesday she basically tried to train me the job in one day. Hopefully I won’t drown!!

When work is done, I am usually exhausted with sore feet, but Tuesday I met an old friend from California, Hannah, for dinner. She is the one person I knew coming here, even though I hadn’t talked to her in years.
It was so nice to chat and get the inside scoop from someone – she has lived here for a few years.

Wednesday night I met my future roommate for sushi and that was also a blast. I am so stoked to move into a place in September to call home. I’m tired of this limbo period.

Lots of text, no pictures...not the best post. But right now I am too tired to care.

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  1. It's still a good post (even without pictures). Well written and very interesting! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures, Jess. Congrats and best wishes!