Friday, August 2, 2013

london vs. new york

i know i have to give new york a chance, as i am currently comparing it to london, an amazing city i lived in for 4 months, and i have only lived in the city for about 3 weeks. since this doesn't seem like a fair comparison, i will just compare the london tube to the nyc subway.

hands down. london takes this trophy.
why you may ask? oh let me tell you the ways

  1. the london tube is WAYYY cleaner. i never saw any garbage in the underground, as opposed to the garbage filled tunnels in nyc. the trains themselves are also cleaner.
  2. the tube actually makes sense! please look at the two maps below and make a judgement.
    if the new york map could talk, it'd say - blahhhh im a clusterfuck and im just going to confuse the crap out of you. oh. and im only really going to run north/south, with the occasional west/east. oh, and you see all the stops on this line? well only certain trains stop at them. thats right. i may run on this line, but i ain't gonna stop at every stop. why would i? that makes no sense. ha, no, you have to catch the right train. silly people. where do you think you are, london?

    if the london map could talk, it'd say - cheers mate! where you do you want to go? i can take you there because i basically run all over the city in every direction. i just want to help you out. and don't worry, i stop at every stop on my line. if your stop is not on this line, don't worry. i can easily make lots of connections and transfers. just enjoy yourself and sit back. 

    now, of course i am so grateful for the subway. 8 million people, including myself, would be screwed without it. but i guess i was just spoiled with london's system

    4. there are no beggars in the london tube. or if there are, i never saw them walking from cart to cart. 
    5. how you enter!! in new york, you must slide your thin metro card like a credit card. in london, you can get a nice plastic card that you just quickly scan on the machine. so you can actually keep it in your wallet and just move quickly through scanning it as you head off to your destination. in new york, no such thing. its a swipe card that can easily be damaged by folding or water.
    6. this one isn't a big deal, but in london, there is an entrance/exit to the tube and thats it. once inside, you decide what direction you go. in new york, you have to find the right entrance - do you want to go uptown or downtown? like i said, not THAT big of a deal, but something to point out.
    7. in new yorks defense, i am SO grateful for the AC always blasting in the tube. 

    all in all, london just wins. this isn't meant to sound snooty, just a girl and her observations.

    winner winner

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