Sunday, August 25, 2013

us open kickoff

what a better way to end a long week than lunch with a good friend and an open bar.

friday for lunch, my friend cici and i went to lunch at vapianos in union square. cici is a fellow intern but we are actually friends from london as we studied abroad in the same program together. small world. vapianos was a favorite of our group to go to in london.

so delicious.

that night, i met my future roommate, alex, at a bar called public house for an hour of open bar. yes, an hour of open bar. one of her friends won it and 50 of their friends could go. i thought it would be a great way to actually meet some people in this city.

twas great to get out and socialize and explore the lower east village.


saturday was spent reading in bryant park and just relaxing. i ventured to the trader joes, which was so nice because it felt like home and was actually so cheap for new york standards.

that night i was working my first event for pr. i was running check in for a tennis cocktail event at a swanky hotel on 5th avenue. about five tennis stars showed up including :

sloane stephens

john isner
who by the way, is 6'10"

li na

victoria azarenka
feliciano lopez =))))

it was pretty cool to see all these athletes. all tall, fit and gorgeous. the cocktail party was so classy and swanky. it was a great experience to work the event. when i first imagined my life in nyc, i pictured myself going to these classy industry parties...except i was a guest, not working it ;) but i still enjoyed it. i was so official upfront with my ipad and guest list.

*fun fact: i actually had no idea who any of these players were. so when sloane stephens and her mom (who were technically hosting the party) came to the door, i said, 'good evening! are you here for the event? can i have your last name please?' wow. MAJOR FAIL. thankfully there was such a commotion over her arrival, i don't really think they heard me...hopefully. shake it off.

two articles that i love that i thought i would share :
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