Monday, August 19, 2013

dream professions

i am not a patient person. i have always described myself as the type who doesn't like to let the paint dry (and this has led to many messy art projects!)

this trait of mine has proven to bring lots of stress when i think about the future. i like to know my plan of action - for the next five steps. it helps in the work world, when i try to be five steps ahead of myself, but for my future, it is frustrating.
i have already talked about being able to sit with uncertainty, but its hard! 


there are so many things i want to do with my life, so many places i want to go. if you haven't noticed yet, i have added a new page to my blog - "32 Before 32" which, obviously, talks about thirty-two things i want to do before i am thirty-two. this list is pretty intense, as i would like to travel to all the continents (except antarctica) by the time im thirty-two. i may not accomplish everything, but i will try.

last night i was talking with my friend megan and we were discussing what we would want to be if we could do anything we wanted. 
here is my list : 

- be a pop/rock star : the idea of getting up on stage in front of thousands of people who are singing your lyrics back to you? i just think that could be the most invigorating experience. however, i have zero singing capability. so this isnt a matter of being afraid to go after my dream, this is a matter of not having any talent to go after my dream

what a rush

- be on SNL : this plan is a bit more attainable. along with singing, i just think that having a job that is just about trying to make people laugh would be so much fun. i have played around with the idea of taking some improv classes in nyc just for shits and giggles. but yes, being the next tina, amy or kristen, i'd be okay with that ;)
love these women

- be a rich housewife : i have no shame in admitting this. i would not mind being a stay-at-home mom, making my kids lunches, taking them to soccer, playing beach volleyball in between all this. yeah, this could be a nice life. id be the real housewife of san luis obispo, london, or wherever i end up

- a professional scrapbooker : you heard it from me first, so dont go stealing my idea. i want to get a cute little apartment by the beach and just scrapbook all day. people send me their pictures, their budget and any ideas, and i just create a scrapbook for them.

can this be my office please?!
any of these i would be happy with.


and now for some entertaining pictures of my adventures in new york

this was in whole foods. make your own trail mix bar, which i LOVE,
because i dont always want raisins in every damn trail mix i buy 
just an idea of where every starbucks is in the vicinity

this restaurant was MADE for me. a menu full of peanut butter sandwiches.
this one is chocolate peanut butter, cherries, and coconut.

someone left their clam on the stairs of the subway...

at my work today. i died.

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  1. I was just thinking the other day "Wouldn't it be fun to live multiple lives at once?" That way, you could sample a little bit of everything and never feel like you are missing out.

    Also, your 32 before 32 is fantastic! What a great list! It is a variety of challenging and easily achievable goals. I suspect you'll crush that list before you know it.

    I love this blog! Keep it up, Jess!