Thursday, August 1, 2013

my rocky start

okay okay. so this blog is going to be a combination of things. an update on my life to keep all the people back in california posted and just a lifestyle blog, because i am now officially living in new york city, and this will be a huge source of inspiration to blog about.

for now, just an update as many of you have gotten small details, but not everything that has happened the past four days.

so i got into nyc late sunday night!
monday i hit the pavement early in the morning to start viewing apartments. i have come here with two overpacked suitcases and about seven boxes at home waiting to be sent out. the plan was to come and find a place to move in by the weekend, but that doesn't look like its going to happen.
i saw four places monday, one tuesday, two wednesday, and 2 today. it is crazy what people considered living situations here.

every heard of a railroad apartment? well its when you have to walk through every room to get to the next. in one of the places, i'd have to walk through my roommates room to use the kitchen and bathroom...pass. another place i could literally just fit a bed in the room...pass. another place i'd be living with a 50yo (she sounded younger on the phone!)...pass. and the other places just didn't work for various reasons.

the first place i saw today actually looked great! the only drawback is, like most apartments, it doesn't have a doorman. not that i need one, except for when i need to ship my stuff here, there is no one to accept i will have to figure that out. tonight i have another showing and it sounds promising as well. all i know, is i won't be moving in anywhere till the end of the month, so i am going to have to find a room to sublet just for august.

now, onto the hospital visit...
tuesday i spent about five hours in the hospital, but really it was more like thirty minutes of being examined, and 4.5 hours of waiting. monday night i was walking and my foot suddenly started hurting. it got to the point where i couldn't walk and was basically hopping around. i felt as ridiculous and i looked, but i was in SO much freaking pain. it didn't get better tuesday, so i went to the hospital. however, while waiting i got a call to come check out an apartment, and it didn't seem like i was going to be seen any time soon, so i left. (the apartment was a no go). after that i walked/limped/subwayed it over to another hospital (i now am familiar with two hospitals in the city). anyways, after waiting and waiting and waiting and being examined and x-rayed, and waiting) they said they couldn't find anything wrong and sent me home. the foot still hurts like hell, but its getting better. when i am not looking at places, i am staying in my room, icing and taking drugs, because it needs to be better by monday when i start my internship!

my two hospital bracelets

so yeah, that has been my first few days here. the city is big and a bit lonely at the moment. i do wish i knew more people out here and its tough being alone, but i keep telling myself once i have a place to call home and my internship starts, ill get into a routine and hit my stride, so i am not worrying toooo much.

i do, however, keep comparing nyc to london, but we will save that for another post.
i just wanted to fill in all those confused about my hospital visit.

a beautiful part in central park

hilarious subway ad that i totally agree with. (i also believed that was a show...)

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  1. Love this, Jess! Especially the ad :P Good luck with the apartment hunt :)