Sunday, August 18, 2013

memories & mice

this week at the office, someone brought three large bags of m&ms - plain, peanut and pretzel. i guess they were for the AE's only, but i snagged a few peanut m&ms before learning this fact. as soon as i crunched down on them i was taken back. i cannot remember the last time i had peanut m&ms, but they instantly brought me back to high school and made me think of halloween, going trick-or-treating with my friends on a foggy night, and then coming back to a house to trade candy, eat our favorites and just talk and talk until our parents picked us up.

it is so crazy how memories work. i was not surprised to find out smell is the strongest sensory memory, but taste is also a huge one for me. here are three things that trigger memories for me. of course there are hundreds, but these pop up to me right now

  • eating clam chowder makes me think of lion king 2
  • eating cheetoh puffs (oy vey, when was the last time that happened?) makes me think of the disney movie motocrossed (ps totally didn't put together that the movie is based on twelfth night, just like she's the man...the world makes sense again)
  • fog - this smell has two as i distinguish two different types of beach fog. one brings me back to high school soccer nights games and makes me miss that terribly. the other type is more fresh and transports me back to morro bay with its fog and ice plants, back when i was younger and my family would go there every weekend to spend shabbat with family friends and those days were some of the best days of my life

i find it so fascinating how we can instantly be taken somewhere by a taste or smell.


anyways, today i have moved into my FIFTH accommodation and, thankfully, last until my new place. i am just so tired of moving around, but in two weeks i will be in my new home! speaking of which, i bought my bed today, so it is starting to get more official!
at the moment i am staying in an adorable studio in gramercy...with a mouse. the tenant had no idea there were mice here and after five minutes of being in the place, i saw one scamper across the kitchen. immediately i went out and bought mouse traps :/ unfortunately i have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom, and im a bit apprehensive to do that. however, as long as the little guy keeps to himself, or goes in the trap, we will be okay.

i also dropped off my laundry at a laundromat for the first time! and i was an total obvious newb.
i put the clothes where? can i just leave them here? when do i pay? here is how you wash my clothes blah blah blah
the laundry man just laughed at me

im googling affordable ways to get involved around the city, as it is still kinda lonely :/ thinking of signing up for a soccer league which is always a great way to meet people and get a work out, so win win.

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